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Samaritan Awards 2015

Honoring service and volunteerism Sponsored by the Hendersonville Samaritan Association

(HENDERSONVILLE, TN): The Hendersonville Samaritan Association (HSA), a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Hendersonville, TN, is now accepting nominations for the 2015 Samaritan Awards.

“The Hendersonville community is incredibly generous, and volunteerism and service to others is a key reason our community continues to thrive,” said Steve Brown, Executive Director of HSA. “Many of these volunteers work behind the scenes, not wanting or receiving any attention. But their stories of commitment and tireless dedication to caring for their neighbors can serve to inspire and encourage all of us, and through the 2015 Samaritan Awards, we want to share these stories with the community both to honor these selfless volunteers and to remind us all of daily opportunities to serve others.”

HSA invites members of the Hendersonville community to nominate a group or individual for the 2015 Samaritan Awards in the following categories:

  • Samaritan Student of the Year: honoring a student, age 18 and under, who has made a significant, selfless contribution to the less fortunate in our community. The 2015 Samaritan Student of the Year will receive a $500 scholarship. Nominees must be age 18 or under as of May 1, 2015 and must be a resident of Sumner County.
  • Samaritan Group of the Year: honoring a group of any age range that has made significant contributions serving others in the community.  The group may be a civic, faith-based, or informal group; it must be based in Sumner County and have exhibited a strong commitment to serving the community and selfless giving.
  • Samaritan of the Year: honoring someone – of any age - who gives selflessly to help the less fortunate in the community.  The Samaritan of the Year award winner will exhibit strong commitment to the community, a commitment to the dignity of mankind and particularly the less fortunate, selfless giving, personal humility and modesty, and a consistent, compassionate witness.

To submit a nomination for one or more of these categories, send an email to Steve Brown at Include the Nominees contact information and how the nominee has shown unselfish commitment to those less fortunate.

Nominations must be received by midnight on April 6, 2015. A committee appointed by the HSA Board of Directors will select three finalists for each category, which will be announced by April 9, 2015. Winners will be announced at the annual HSA Samaritan Awards Banquet on April 23, 2015.


  • Stephen C. Brown, Executive Director
  • Mary Jane Hogle, Administrative Assistant
  • LeEllen Claud, Manager of Food & Staples